Meet Storm!

RESPECT! That is what women deserve in the sneaker community so my goal is for you to meet some of these women via my blog so you can get an understanding on how they feel. There are 3 major questions that come to mind for this topic:

What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you?

Who is one woman in the sneaker community you look up to and why?

If you could change one thing about how women are treated and/or perceived in the sneaker community, what would it be?

Who else is better to learn from then the women within the community? Today we will hear from Storm, who is not only a sneakerhead but also a skilled media professional with her own blog called Swaggabiligy . Let’s her what Respect Female Sneakerheads mean to her!


What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you ?

It means show respect to us & our creativity, value, & elevation we bring to this culture & space.

Who is one woman you look up to in the sneaker community and why ?

Can’t pick just 1 such a cliche I know but seriously it’s a great collective of women from Jazerai,Vashtie, Aleali, Melody, & Teyana from jump to all the amazing ladies I’ve interacted with on Insta and gotten to know much love and respect to everyone the creativity& style, of course, but also each using their platform and voice.

If you could change 1 thing about how women are treated /perceived in the sneaker community what would it be?

Our value and how much we collectively as women bring to the bottom line of this industry. Our purchasing power should alone command respect and be a prime factor for being a decision maker in rooms but also our knowledge, creativity, and just all-around style should not be taken lightly or for granted. Their is strength in numbers and decision makers need to start realizing that quick and shift attitudes accordingly.


Hearing these words from different women in the sneaker community is so inspiring! Each lady brings a different view point and perspective. Storm makes an excellent point, our purchasing power alone should command a certain level of respect!! I truly hope these words from words from Storm gave you some good insight on where she stands! We will continue to show up and show others how amazing and talented we we truly are!

Check out Storm on IG!


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