Women’s History Month: Aleali May

In honor of Women’s History Month I want to give props to women who are opening doors and showing the world that women can do anything, LITERALLY!

To all my fellow ladies who love sneakers just as much as I do, you probably already know about the young lady I am going to speak about! To my fellow readers who aren’t that into sneakers, please take the time to read about this young lady who is making history in a male dominated world!!

Aleali May, born in Los Angeles on July 10, 1992, is a woman who gives hope to all women who love sneakers and shows us how taking over a male dominated industry isn’t impossible!

This young lady became the first female collaborator for Air Jordan’s: for both women’s and men’s! This is a major major accomplishment because it breaks the barriers and opens up so many doors for other women who aspire to accomplish things that may seem impossible. Making your way in a something that’s so heavily dominated by men speaks volumes!

Shoutout to you Aleali!

Twitter: @alealimay
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Aleali May” First pair released in collaboration with Jordan!
Air Jordan 1 Court Lux High OG “Aleali May” Second release in collaboration with Jordan!
RELEASE DATE: March 2019, third release in collaboration with Jordan!

Sneaker Craze Saturdaze 

One of my favorite pair of New Balances would definitely have to be the New Balance 580 and this year they are celebrating 20 years! The New Balance brand had been around since 1906 and throughout the years they have introduced many different models but the 580 model was originally released as a Japan-exclusive sneaker.
Below are a few of the color waves of the New Balance 580! These shoes are stylish as well as comfortable!

Credit: Sneaker Freaker

Credit: Sneaker News

Credit: Sneaker News

Sneaker Craze Saturdaze

KD 7 Aunt Pearl ….. One of my FAVORITE releases of 2015!

Kevin Durant and Nike teamed up to create this shoe in honor of his late Aunt Pearl. Durant’s shoe releases are usually often related to stories of his childhood and upbringing, but this release is probably one of the most heartwarming. Kevin Durant’s Aunt Pearl passed away in 2011 from Lung Cancer and since then Kevin has done what he can to pay tribute to her. The color of the shoe is white which is the official color for Lung Cancer Awareness and proceeds from the shoe went to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.


Angel wing strap over the laces

Gold and pink accents

Kay Yow Cancer Fund logo on the back of the heel

Click the link below to learn more about the shoe, about the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, and about how you can get involved!









Sneaker Craze Saturdaze 

Rihanna’s Creepers have been a hot topic ever sense she collaborated with puma and released the first color wave. The thick sole of the shoe is inspired by the creeper silhouette and this sneaker was the first one designed by the talented Rihanna! The Creepers were named shoe of the year by Footwear News and literally, everytime a new color wave is released or an existing one is re released they sell out in NO TIME! 

Are you still looking to purchase a pair? Here  are few places that still have a few sizes left! 




Do you already have a pair? If so, Which pair did you cop? Let me know! 

Let Tay Tell It 

Sneaker Craze Saturdaze

Air Jordan 13 Black Cat

Th Air Jordan 13 Black Cat is insipred by the Black Panther. The outsole is meant to represent a Panthers paw and the hologram on the shoe is meant to represent the color of the animals eye. Many people would refer to Micheal Jordan’s moves on the court to that of a car and his friends would refer to him as “the black cat”, ironic right ?


*Black Suede on the base 

*Black Cat graphic on the insole 

*3M reflective detailing 

Release date: January 21, 2017

Price: 190$

Where can I purchase this shoe?

Any major retail store such as Nike, Footlocker, Champs, Finishline, etc.

For Jordan lovers like myself, this shoe is a show stopper for sure and should definitely be apart of the collection, wouldn’t you agree?

Sneaker Craze Saturdaze

Melody Ehsani x Reebok Question Mid

Melody Ehsani collaborated with Reebok and Allen Iverson to create this unique edition of the Reebok Question Mid for this shoes 20th anniversary. This shoe is inspired by the women in Allen Iverson’s life. Allen Iverson’s daughters Tiara, Messiah, and Dream and their mother Tawanna are the inspiration behind these sneakers.


*Black patent toe

*Tounge has Allen Iverson’s “Hold My Own” tattoo debossed

*Picture of Allen Iverson’s cornrows in the interior lining

*Every pair comes with three sets of velcro patches which can be attached to the back panel of the shoe. Each one of the patches has one of Allen Iverson’s tattoos

*Comes in women’s sizes

Who is Melody Ehasani?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she left law school to pursue her true passion. She specializes in accessories and footwear. Click the link below to learn more about her.


This shoe does run true to size and as of right now there will be no restocks of this shoe, it is truly one of a kind. Click the link below to purchase a pair!