Meet Dee

RESPECT! That is what women deserve in the sneaker community so my goal is for you to meet some of these women via my blog so you can get an understanding on how they feel. There are 3 major questions that come to mind for this topic:

What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you?

Who is one woman in the sneaker community you look up to and why?

If you could change one thing about how women are treated and/or perceived in the sneaker community, what would it be?

Who else is better to learn from then the women within the community? Today we will hear from Detra, also known as @deesneakerfreak on IG! Dee is known for her love of new balance but also her fits that give us vibrant colors and her COOKING!! She is not only a sneakerhead but also an amazing cook! Women in the sneaker community are so multitalented so you can’t limit us to just the sneakers we collect. So let’s hear what Respect Female Sneakerheads means to Dee!


What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you?

Respect Female Sneakerheads means respect and acknowledge female contributions to the sneaker community. Very often, what we contribute goes unacknowledged or overshadowed by what is trending, preferred appearances, and/or what the community perceptions of female sneakerheads should be.

Who is one woman in the sneaker community you look up and why?

Jazzy (@nerdlikejazzy)

  1. She’s an OG female sneakerhead
  2. She is always advocating for inclusion of African Americans within the sneaker community
  3. Jazzy is well known throughout the community but I love that she still engages with her followers.

If you could change one thing about women are treated and/or perceived in the sneaker community what would it be?

I would start with changing how women treat other women in the community. I honestly believe we have to be the change we want to see. If we don’t put each other on why do we expect the others to do it for us. When one win, we all win and if you have an opportunity to share the success with other women… THEN SHARE THAT SHIT LOL. I know what works for one may not necessarily work for the other but you can still share insights. The game is free but the hustle is sold separately. It’s enough out there for us all to eat. If we would complain less about how we do not have seats at certain tables and put that energy into unifying amongst ourselves, we would most definitely be a force to reckon with and would not have to beg for seats at tables because we would be able to create our own.


These words from women in the sneaker community MATTER and I believe Dee gives us a different aspect and more things to think about when it comes to Respect Female Sneakerheads. I hope you enjoyed hearing from Detra and learned alot! Please be sure to check out her on IG!

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