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Shoe: Nike Lunarglide 

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Release Date: First lauchned by Nike in 2009

Price: pricing varies 


Since the original release in 2009 of the Nike Lunarglide, there have been improvements made to the now popular running shoe. The shoes major improvements were shown the most with the release of the Nike Lunarglide 4 in 2012 and since then the most recent design is the Nike Lunarglide 8. This shoe was promised to be lightweight, deliver stability, and provide exceptional cushioning. One of the most effective features that really stood out was the sole of the shoe which contains lunarlite foam that was originally developed by NASA. This shoe is not only ideal for runners but also comfortable for everyday wear; I own 3 pairs of the Nike Lunarglide 5 so I definitely recommend the shoe! To anyone who is into running I also recommend reading more about each shoe to determine which one is best for you! 

Nike Lunarglide 3 

Nike Lunarglide 4 

Nike Lunarglide 5

Nike Lunarglide 5

Nike Lunarglide 6

Nike Lunarglide 7

Nike Lunarglide 8

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