Meet JBo Marie

RESPECT! That is what women deserve in the sneaker community so my goal is for you to meet some of these women via my blog so you can get an understanding on how they feel. There are 3 major questions that come to mind for this topic:

Who is one woman in the sneaker community you look up to and why?

What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you?

If you could change one thing about how women are treated and/or perceived in the sneaker community, what would it be?

Who else is better to learn from then the women within the community? Today we will hear from JBo, also known as Jboseason on IG. JBo is a radio personality and a lover of sneakers! Let’s see what Respect Female Sneakerheads means to her!


What does respect female sneakerheads mean to you?

To me, respecting female sneakerheads means not counting us out. For brands to not count us out in their boardroom conversations, in the marketing room, in the creative design meetings, in their hiring process. Not counting us out in sizing when certain shoes drop. I’m part of the small feet gang and there have been times where I’ve had to pass on a shoe because brands didn’t consider releasing the shoe in my size. Don’t count us out and look at us crazy when we walk into your stores and ask for a certain shoe in a certain size. Assuming that we don’t know a woman to man shoe conversation is offensive and also implies that 1) We don’t know what we’re talking about and 2) We’re not capable of doing our Googles. On a peer to peer level, respecting female sneakerheads is showing us respect in regular degular conversations whether it be amongst the men or women in the sneaker community. I’m new to the sneaker community and I love being a part of it but have definitely experienced some gatekeepers. Grace can go a long way when it comes to us newbies and the best way to gain respect from the “outside” is to show respect to each other within our community.

Who is one woman in the sneaker community you look up to and why?

I’ll keep this short. I’m rooting for every female sneaker head. I’ve learned so much from so many different ladies in our community and I love that we all bring something different. We pull from our backgrounds, our experiences and our dreams to create such great content. Anyone who chooses to share their style with the world is brave and that is inspiring to me.

If you could change one thing about how women are treated and/or perceived in the sneaker community, what would it be?

I wish ALL companies within the sneaker community and out, would recognize the purchasing power women have. Brands tend to funnel a lot of marketing dollars into men’s shoes/apparel in hopes to get men to buy their stuff. They tend to forget that men sometimes tend to purchase things with the hopes of impressing women.

Women tend to dress their children (boys included) and women oftentimes are the ones with an eye on how much money is being spent in their household and on what, married or single. *“Women, on the daily, spend more time than men making economic decisions for their families – from consumer goods to services. Women hold crucial purchasing power. In fact, women drive 70-80 percent of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence.” Whether directly or indirectly women hold crucial purchasing power, it would be smart for companies to start acting on this information by talking with us, not at us.

*Source article found on Inc.*,their%20buying%20power%20and%20influence.


These words from women in the sneaker community MATTER and I hope the words from JBo gave you some good insight on where she stands! Women in the sneaker community have done MORE then enough to receive respect. We will continue to show up and show others how great we truly are!


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