Why Do We As Women?

Why do we as women say things we do not mean in relationships?

Ladies, just try to hear me out on this one, okay? It has become a natural and pretty much normal thing to hear guys talk about what a female really means when she says certain things. For example as a female when my man asks me “What is wrong with you” I will typically say “nothing, I’m fine” but my man knows deep down that if he just says okay and does not ask me again or try to get me to talk, it becomes a problem. How about when you are having an argument and you say to your man “leave me alone” but in reality we do not literally mean for you to leave us alone. These are just a few examples of us women saying things we don’t really mean; it is almost as if we want to test our man to see how far he would go to make sure we are okay. This is good and all, SOMETIMES, but then you have other situations where you say mean things to a guy because you’re hurt or because you’re dealing with a good guy and you don’t know how to handle it.

You play a tricky game when you say things you do not mean, you have to be careful. If your man is asking you what is wrong, tell him; he’s asking because he cares so don’t make him beg you every time. If you are in a situation and you want to tell your man to leave you alone just to see what he will do, don’t get mad if he actually leaves you alone; guys take things literally so most of the time they will not automatically think that you telling them to leave you alone, doesn’t actually mean that. With that being said, there are some times where I am all for making your man work hard to figure out what is going on especially if he is the cause of problem and knows what he did wrong; sometimes guys will “act” as if they do not know but they do.

We also have to be careful saying mean things in the heat of an argument. Ladies it should come to no surprise that our words can cut a man deep especially if it comes from a woman he truly loves; he may not show it how effected him like we as women do but it definitely does. An argument and/or disagreement should not the time where we try to hurt each other because nothing gets accomplished and feelings get hurt off of things being said that a person probably didn’t even mean. You do not want to loose someone you love from saying something that you didn’t even mean. I have seen women use their words to try to tear down a good man because lets be honest; dealing with good guys these days seems rare. If all you have ever known are lying, cheating, dishonest men why wouldn’t you expect a good to be putting on a front? Why wouldn’t you start to doubt the situation after while? Why wouldn’t you start to question things? I understand but to tear down a good guy by saying things that aren’t true can cause more harm then good so don’t push that good man away, embrace him.

From testing your man to tearing down a good guy plus any and everything that falls in between that, all results in saying things we do not mean. Things should flow pretty easily in a relationship so do not make it a permanent habit of saying things you do not mean or you may cause more problems then necessary. Also, always remember that your words hold more power then you may know.

Let Tay Tell It

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  1. This is good advice, we are strong women, and I know in the heat of the moment we can get wrapped up in saying mean things back! Thank you for sharing!!


  2. I think the reason why I say things I don’t mean is out of fear they will say I’m “crazy.” Although this has never been the case, I always hear men say that women are insane for expressing their feelings or reacting to a situation. It’s tough being a woman!

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  3. Well said, Tay. But then we just let emotions get in the way 😦 I guess that’s a weak point we need to fight against
    Thanks for sharing, I absolutely love all posts on women. You said it all……..May we (women) get the strength and courage to control that emotion ❤

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  4. Funny enough, with the guy I’m currently involved with, my brain stops my mouth before I say some things that in years past I would’ve said without pause. As I get older, life (and, well, the guy himself lol) shows me that not only is there a way to say things, but some things, maybe you just don’t need to say.

    I think sometimes we don’t pause before we speak our minds because we think men are ‘strong enough’ to take it, take whatever we say. It isn’t always about being ‘strong enough’ though, everyone has feelings, and men definitely express theirs WAY different from us. But at the end of the day they still feel. And they still deserve respect. It pays to study them well and take note of what they like & don’t like😀

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  5. I think it’s very important to say what you mean and mean what you say. People are not mind readers so we can’t expect them to predict we think. Good write up!

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